The vineyards of Domaine Serisier are situated in the Canton de Fronsac which is a marvellous landscape of plateaux and slopes overlooking the Dordogne River.

The complex soils are mainly limestone on the plateaux, clay-limestone on the slopes and clay and siliceous at the foot of the hills all of which give the wines their richness and complexity. The Fronsadais region and its exceptional clay-limestone terroir gave the soil its own name, the “molasse du fronsadais,” which is the pride of many great appellations including the neighbouring ones of the St Emilion region.

The temperate oceanic climate, characteristic with regard to the rest of the Bordeaux region, promotes slow maturing fruit thanks to long and hot summers, warm autumns and mild winters. Professor Henri ENJALBERT, a well known geographer, considered this terroir “the historical cradle of the great Bordeaux and Libourne wines” and called it the “sacred hills of the region.”


The wine-making, which is supervised by M. Stephane RENIE, is focused on making traditional Right Bank wines based on the Merlot grape which is capable of creating the most hedonistic opulent and decadent wine tasting experiences. Merlot began earning its reputation for producing quality wine on the Right Bank back in the 1780s and the highest priced wines of Bordeaux today are still based on Merlot and Merlot blends.

Merlot perfectly expresses the terroir at Chateau Cadillac where the objective is to create wines that are fruity, round and elegant.

Le Bout du Monde

The name of this cuvee is derived from the ancient name of the fields outside Chateau Cadillac… ”Champs du Bout du Monde” or fields at the end of the world.

Made from Merlot grapes the terroir is comprised of ideal, free draining clay and limestone soils over a deep bedrock of limestone. Situated on a plateau at an altitude of 55 metres it is perfectly situated with maximum exposure to the sun for ripening of the grapes.

There are two wines made, a Rose and a Red.

L’Escalier au Ciel

The inspiration for these wines came from the French love of jazz and listening to some of the local jazz bands at the Grand Caf Orient at Libourne.

There are two wines made, a Sauvignon Blanc
and a Merlot.