Domaine Serisier is a high quality estate situated on the Right Bank of Bordeaux which takes in the whole of a limestone plateau overlooking the Dordogne River. It is located in a very tranquil and picturesque area just 30 minutes from the delightful restaurants and wide boulevards of Bordeaux and 30 minutes from the UNESCO World Heritage listed town of St Emilion with its fascinating Romanesque churches and ruins stretching along steep and narrow streets.

The principal property is Chateau Cadillac located high on a limestone cliff at Cadillac en Fronsadais in the Canton of Fronsac and very near to the town of Libourne which is at the heart of the world renowned Pomerol and St Emilion wine appellations.

Chateau Cadillac is itself a late Middle Ages chateau/fort the ramparts of which date back to the 1200’s. The first chateau was destroyed by the French in 1450 just before the end of the 100 Years War as the then Seigneur, although French, was a supporter of the King of England. The present chateau was rebuilt in 1500. Historically, the ‘ancienne regime’ proprietors of Chateau Cadillac, the Barons de Cadillac, were breeders of heavy cavalry horses which were held in high regard throughout France. This connection is maintained in another guise up until the present day with the Cadillac Car Club of France being occasional visitors to the chateau.

More recently, the property has been given over to making wine and the tradition of excellence is being continued by the Serisier family who are the current owners. The family have a long connection with the wine industry beginning generations ago in Bordeaux and progressing through to the earliest beginnings of winemaking in Australia at their ‘Eumalga Vineyard’ located just outside Dubbo in New South Wales.

See a little history of the wines
made at Eumalga.

Plantings (Local News) 1868 and 1869
Incendiary Fire at Eumalga 1870
Old Images: Dubbo & Eumalga c1870-1880
Poverty and Oysters Go Together 1873
A Tour to the North-Western Interior 1874
Second Vintage 1874 - Hail Damage 1875
Prizes Won by Jean Emile Serisier 1875
The Eumalga Vineyard 1876
Hosting the English Cricketers 1920s


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